May 27, 1913

O.H. Barnhill of Ashland spent today in Medford interviewing Prof. P.J. O'Gara for a character sketch he is writing for Sunset Magazine.

"I heard in Ashland that Medford was all in," said Mr. Barnbill, and that half the stores were vacant and times were very dull. I walked from end to end on Main Street and found only two vacant storerooms and generally found much better business here than I had been led to expect. I don't see anything the matter with Medford and wish all our other towns were in as good condition.

"I found Professor O'Gara a regular mine of information regarding nearly every subject broached. He is a great asset to the county and most valuable to the orchard interests."


Memorial Day services will be held Friday at the Page Theatre. The stores of the city will be closed from 12 noon until 4 o'clock in the afternoon so that everyone may join with the veterans in paying respects to the soldier dead. At the theatre Rev. Bradley of the Free Methodist Church will conduct the services.

The parade will start at the city park at 1:30 and will pass through Main Street to the Page Theatre. It will consist of the fraternal orders, the police and fire departments, the 7th Company, O.N.G., the students of the public and Sunday schools, the Women's Relief Corps, and of course the Medford Post of the Grand Army of the Republic. West Lawton was appointed Marshal of the Day.

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