May 24, 1913

GRANTS PASS — Seven of the fifteen passengers aboard Southern Pacific motorboat No. 32 running from Ashland to Grants Pass last night were more or less injured when a light engine struck the motor in the rear, the accident occurring three miles east of the city, at Sanders' station. The injured are:

Mrs. Emma Daniels, Butte Creek, arm broken.

Claude Barden, Grants Pass, two ribs fractured.

Mrs. Mike Galvin, Grants Pass, two ribs broken.

Sam Ellis, Grants Pass, leg badly bruised.

W.F. LeClaire, Grants Pass, arm bruised.

Mrs. Moore, Grants Pass, cuts in head.

Martin Brown, teeth knocked out, and cut and bruised over body. Brown was thrown through a window of the motor.

Engineer of the motor Goetsche was cut in the forehead and scalp, and has a sprained back.

The motor had stopped at Ament dam to take passengers and was just getting under way again when the engine running light to assist No. 14 over the hill struck it in the rear. The motor was on time and the stop was a regular one. The engine was only slightly damaged. Engineer Denning and his fireman both escaped injury. The rear trucks of the motor were thrown from the track and Conductor Hall was hurled from the motor but was uninjured. A board of inquiry will probe the cause.


Ground is being broken for the new precooling plant at the P&E junction. The building will be 85 to 110 feet and two stories high. It is yet to be determined how deep it will be possible to dig for the basement.

The plant will cost $40,000 and work will start on its construction in time to have it ready for this year's crop. It will store 100 cars of fruit.

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