May 23, 1913

Ashland is waging a campaign against auto speeders, and many Medfordites have been forced to contribute to the Granite City treasury. The Tidings says: Chief of Police Oich continues to round up speeders. Since last reported P.L. Ashcraft Fr., F.L. Camps, W.J. Munday and Mr. Haswell of Medford, and C.V. Bealer, W.W. Glasgow and W.H. Barnum of Jacksonville have contributed to the city treasury for exceeding the ordinance limit. O. Winter, who was also taken in the dragnet, denies the charge and will stand trial. Because of the fact that they are relatives, Mr. Winter is afraid he will not get justice from Recorder Gillette and the trial will be before Mayor Johnson, probably on Saturday (May 24, 1913).


After an exhaustive study of orchard conditions following an extended inspection tour, Professor O'Gara states that the probabilities are that the pear crop in the Medford district will equal the apple crop, as there will be probably 200 cars of pears more than first estimated.

The drop in most orchards has been very light, and some orchards, like Bear Creek, have record crops. The prospects are that 500 or 700 cars of pears will be harvested by the valley.

Indications point to the best prices for several years on account of an almost universal crop shortage in the fruit districts. The packer thus summarizes conditions:

Another and by far the most ruinous frost that has visited the Atlantic coast states this very frosty spring overspread Virginia, West Virginia, Maryland, Delaware, New Jersey and New York states last Saturday and Sunday nights.

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