May 1, 1913

G.W. Dewey of Rogue River has been advised of the death of his oldest son at San Francisco. Young Dewey was drowned in San Francisco Bay while bathing with a number of comrades, members of the United States Army. The drowning occurred at Angel Island. According to the report received by Mr. Dewey, the body was not recovered. This is the third child Mr. and Mrs. Dewey have lost during recent years. This son, their eldest, was 20 years of age.


In a new Overland, E.D. Tedrow of Fresno, Calif., arrived in Medford last night on his way to Canada. While here he put in some good work for C.E. Gates, The Overland Man, by telling some of the feats accomplished by the Overland on the Siskiyous.

"The roads are in very bad condition, stated Mr. Tedrow," but the Overland responded each time the case looked hopeless. I did not get stuck once, but I had a slippery time most of the way. You cannot say too much for the cars — they are wonders."

Mr. Tedrow continued his trip today.


The street cleaning department was very busy today hauling away rubbish piled by property owners on the curb in front of their residences, as today is cleanup day. A large force of men and teams were at work at an early hour and will continue to haul rubbish until Saturday but will not cover the same street twice.

The rubbish is being piled in a huge heap at Riverside and 12th near Bear Creek, where it will be burned on Saturday night (May 3, 1913). Several hundred wagonloads will be collected.

Cleanup day, following as it does spring house cleaning, nets annually a huge amount of trash and rubbish. Each year sees a great bonfire at the close of the cleanup period. This year residents are cleaning up as never before.

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