MaryJane's reopens but can't dispense pot

Jackson County Circuit Court Judge Timothy Gerking today allowed MaryJane's Attic and Basement to reopen as long as it doesn't dispense medical marijuana.

"This will allow us to get MaryJane's Attic back up and running," said owner Marlene Nuckols. "We're hopeful."

Gerking said Marlene and Richard Nuckols could operate the business as long as medical marijuana or other controlled substances are not exchanged on the premises.

The Nuckolses have appealed the city of Medford's revocation of its business license.

Their attorney, Robert Graham of Grants Pass, said MaryJane's is awaiting approval of an application for a license from the Oregon Health Authority to dispense medical marijuana.

Once the license is approved, MaryJane's will ask Gerking to allow the shop to dispense medical marijuana.

MaryJane's closed after the City Council last Thursday upheld Finance Director Alison Chan's decision to revoke the business license.

The Nuckolses have two separate businesses under one roof. MaryJane's Attic sells clothing, candles, and other products. MaryJane's Basement dispenses medical marijuana to patients who display a valid Oregon Medical Marijuana Patient card.

The city issued a business license on April 9, 2012.

— Damian Mann

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