March 9, 2014

March 9, 2014

March 9, 1914

The county court Monday appointed Everett Van Dyke, son of the late Sam Van Dyke, road supervisor for the Phoenix district, to fill the unexpired term of his father, whose chief assistant he has been.

Attorney Gus Newbury requested the court to issue a statement exonerating Clyde Barnum from charges of dishonesty as a fruit inspector, which the court agreed to, although stating that the charges of insubordination were sustained.

Viewers were appointed for the proposed change in the Pacific highway through the Billings' property at Ashland, preparatory to instituting condemnation proceedings. Mr. Billings is the only property owner along the highway route who has refused to give right of way.

A black Minorca hen owned by Dr. Bestul has established a new record for the spring, and not satisfied with such common performances as so many eggs in so many days, and other stunts of the poultry world, has produced an egg that is a novelty in more ways than one. First it is an egg of mammoth proportions, weighing 5-3/4 ounces and having a circumference of 71/2 inches. But inside this monster is evidently another egg, complete with shell, for it can be distinctly felt as it moves from one side to the other of the outer egg as disposition is changed. — Grants Pass Courier

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