March 5, 1914

Following the approval of the old gambling ordinance by the council Tuesday night, Chief of Police Hittson last night ordered cigar dealers of the city to abolish all dice and raffle games, and this morning not a dice rolled or a raffle raffled except in isolated cases. Cigar dealers say it will mean a heavy cut in their business, and that some will be forced to retire. They claim that the raffles are simply a plan to keep goods moving.

The order also barred the giving of checks in card games, but does not stop the card games from being played at the rate of 20 cents per hour.


Ben Sheldon, matrimonial agent and representative of Cupid. That is the latest. At least this is the occupation thrust upon him by an elderly woman who desired a husband. She writes as follows:

March 3rd.

Mr. Benjamin Sheldon, Medford, Ore.

Dear Sir:

I read of you in the Oregonian, and believing you desire to boost your part of the country, I write.

In my early childhood I heard much about the Modoc Indians and greatly desired to see the country they fought so hard for, but never had a chance to come out west until last July. I have seen the lovely part of this Willamette country. Now, the Oregonian article stirs my old desire for the Modoc country, but here I am again held, this time by poverty, and I am asking you to find a way to help me along on life's journey.

I am entirely without family or money, just journeying past 60, in average good health, with head and hands well stored with knowledge of work, ready and willing for any opportunity. (My room is cold and my hands so cold I can scarcely write.)

I want a home — never had a home of my own — just rented places. I long for a home as other women have. For such a home and a clean, Christian-hearted husband, I will give the very best that woman was created for.

Can you find me such a farmer who owns his own home? Or a man in town having business that will provide for my needs to the end of life?

I am a widow, never had any children, am of medium size and weight, of Jew and French parentage, gray-brown hair, American born. In youth married to a railroad man and a wandering life.

Please see if you can find me a home; am in every way worthy. Am of clean character and a Christian and greatly in need of help.



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