March 31, 1914

The trouble with a rolling pin is that few people appreciate the variety of its uses. It is generally supposed to be an implement solely for flattening out dough and derelict husbands. Now comes a citizen who maintains that it is a fat reducer, and has sold and tried to sell it to a number of Medford people of heft, including Mose Alford of the First National Bank. Mr. Alford referred the rolling pin reducer to Dr. Pickel, who entertained grave doubts of its curative powers.

The modus operandi was to purchase the rolling pin and then roll the fat portions of the anatomy, the same as a batch of biscuits.


The Ashland mineral water development committee are now drilling for artesian soda water at a point about six miles east of Ashland, where the water experts indicated as the best chance. The well is now 105 feet down. At a depth of 102 feet a strong flow of soda and gas was encountered, and the water rose to within 10 feet of the surface. The water has been sent for analysis. The well is located near the line separating the Dodge and Tucker places. The experts think an artesian flow is likely to be obtained at a depth of from 175 to 200 feet. The drilling is getting very hard and the committee is undecided whether they will drill deeper, and the present well indicates a heavy flow of splendid soda.


This is the last day for the payment of taxes, the same becoming delinquent on April 1. If the recent decision of Judge Cleeton is sustained it will mean that those who have paid half their taxes by 6 o'clock tonight will escape any penalty, the balance to be paid September 1. There seems to be a general idea, however, that the supreme court will not uphold the Portland judge, in which case the 1 per cent a month penalty will begin tomorrow for all who have failed to cash up. The taxes are very high this year due largely to the increased state levy, and complaints are numerous.

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