March 30, 1914

March 30, 1914

The second of the Commercial Club's get-together banquets will be held at the Hotel Medford Friday evening, April 3, at 8 o'clock. The committee having this work in charge has delayed this affair in a determination to get an entertainment that would be sufficiently attractive to insure a large audience. This has been done. The piece de resistance for Friday evening's entertainment will be the showing of an exceptionally fine series of moving picture films by State Game Warden W.I. Finley, illustrating every feature of the fish and game preservation work in this state.

These films are the most complete in use, covering this particular field. They were shown at Portland recently and made a hit. The state office has been bombarded with requests for the films and our Commercial Club considers itself fortunate in getting them so promptly — the result of our having a representative at the Portland gathering.

The moving pictures make a most entertaining and instructive show. They illustrate the whole range of fish and game propogation; the gathering of fish eggs at the racks, their fertilization and hatching, the distribution of the "fingerlings" and some fine views of fishing for salmon in the Willamette with rod and line and fly-fishing for the steelhead in Rogue River by local sportsmen.

The hatching of the eggs of game birds, especially the pheasant, and the catching of an elk herd in the Yellowstone and bringing them to our Oregon parks, form a most interesting film.

A stage is to be constructed in one end of the spacious dining room and a catchy, happy-go-lucky vaudeville show will cap the evening's fun. Those who saw the minstrel show by the same entertainers at the club's last banquet need no assurance of a fine finish to the program.

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