March 27, 1914

March 27, 1914

W.L. Ballard, pathologist with the U.S. Department of Agriculture and recognized as one of the four leading fruit authorities in that service is being prominently mentioned as the successor to Prof. P.J. O'Gara as county pathologist. The fruitgrowers committee met with President Kerr of the O.A.C. Thursday afternoon and received a formal offer from the state institution to unite with the county on the pathologist, the county to furnish $2,000, the college the remainder of the salary, and to approve the appointment of Ballard. The committee will submit the proposal to the county court.

Mr. Ballard is recognized as ranking in the same class with O'Gara and Waite. He is the discoverer of the idea of spraying fruit buds to increase fertilization and production. He was the man recommended by O'Gara and the county court had petitioned the department to station him here, as O'Gara was stationed during his first two years.

Citizens susceptible to the smiles of a pretty woman, plus a desire to cash checks for strangers, should keep their eyes peeled for a slick and demure lady headed this way who lives by the pen and forged checks. Warnings have been sent out from California cities asking for the arrest and detention of the woman.

Her method is to present a check to a merchant after the banks have closed, make a plea about lack of funds, smile, wink the other eye, pocket the cash and walk away. Of course, the check was no good but who would suspect it of a nice, well-dressed young lady?

A.K. Welsh, formerly a member of the Portland fire department and who was up until a few days ago an employee at the Oaks billiard parlor (in Medford), has received $770.17 as his share of his uncle's estate who died recently in Los Angeles. His uncle, whose name was H.M. Kitchen, was a well known business man of Los Angeles. Mr. Welsh is a brother of Detective William Welsh of Portland who recently died.

Mr. Welsh said yesterday afternoon that he would leave the first of next week for Grand Rapids, Mich., where he will marry Miss Katherine Garber, a young lady whom he has courted for a number of years, and will return to Medford by the first of June where he will locate.

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