March 25, 1914

The five-passenger touring car belonging to John A. Torney was stolen Tuesday evening from the street in front of the Torney residence on Summit Avenue. The car was a 1911 E.M.F. with dark blue body. It had no top and no 1914 auto license number. In the car was a surveyor's brass-bound tripod.

The auto had one spring cracked and one bad tire in front. The engine number is 19566.

The thief drove down to Fourth Street, rounded the corner and evidently drove back to Main Street on Ross Court — at least the patch in the front tire left this trail.

This afternoon the auto was located at the baseball park with one tire flat. The machine was evidently stolen by joy-riders.


Investigation into alleged violations of the federal and state liquor laws is under way by the police department as a result of the arrest this morning of four Indians and a white man for disorderly conduct in a house on the east side Monday night. A probe is being made of the charge that they purchased liquor in a Front Street restaurant and a number of saloons.

The quintette — George Moore and wife, Elsie Duffy, Mrs. Johnson and her husband, a white man, appeared this morning and were fined a total of $250. Upon their promise to get out of town and take all their belongings by 2 o'clock this afternoon, they were released. All of the women of the party are sisters.

The police are also looking into the charge made by the Indian women that men came to their houses soliciting them to buy liquor. There is a federal statute against selling Indians intoxicating liquors.

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