March 25, 1913

Shortly after noon today Sheriff Singler served notice on the 10 local men indicted for selling liquor to minors to appear at Jacksonville this afternoon for arraignment. The cases will be tried at once.

Shortly after the summons were served there was a great exodus of saloonmen and attorneys all headed for the county seat.


The March term of the Circuit Court opened at Jacksonville today, Judge F.M. Calkins presiding. A large amount of criminal and civil work is to be disposed of.

The first business to come before the court was the selection of a grand jury. The following men were chosen: W.M. Perri, Joseph Mayfield, J.C. Calvert. Geo. W. Dean, Frank Schuette, J.T. Dodge, Frank Nichol. The grand jury immediately adjourned until Oct. 20. They are subject to a call of the court however.

Among the first cases to be called in the circuit court will be the indictments against the Medford saloonmen.


As predicted by the Mail Tribune yesterday afternoon, the grand jury before adjourning late yesterday afternoon returned indictments against nearly every hotel and saloon in the city. The indicted men put up bonds of $200 each.

These indicted are: Medford Hotel, Holland Hotel, E.G. Brown, The Stag, Office Cafe, The Oaks, Shaw & Reed and the Manhattan Cafe. The charge in each instance is the sale of liquor to minors.

The indictments are said to have grown out of the charges made by City Attorney Boggs against George H. Millar of the Manhattan. Bogs is said to have used the armory to influence youthful members of the local militia to go before the grand jury relative to the case against Millar, and then the grand jury questioned them about every bar in town.

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