March 24, 1914

An effort is being made to find a place on a farm for John and Kenneth Wattenberg, aged 16 and 12 years, whose escapades the last year have brought them half a dozen times before the juvenile authorities. This morning it was decided to reserve the final decision in this case until next Thursday. The first intention of Judge Tou Velle was to commit them to the Boys and Girls' Aid society of Portland and through them find a place. The parents, however, strenuously object to this course.

It is held by the parents of the boys that their escapades have been prompted by older minds, while the authorities hold that the Wattenbergs have did the prompting themselves. Glenn Noble held with the two, and his first appearance before the probation authorities will likely be given another chance.

During the last two months many Medford families have suffered from bad boys stealing milk from the back porches, the boys drinking the milk on the spot and leaving the empty bottles.


"Motorcycle Mike" broke loose again Sunday night, spurting through a crowd returning from church at Sixth Street and Central Avenue and taking the turn north at Front and Sixth at such speed that it was feared he would crash into the curb at the Southern Pacific park. The police are of the opinion that the fool is a farmer boy, newly purchased of a motorcycle and half crazy on the subject of speed.


In the neighborhood of 1,500 people took a trolley ride Sunday upon the opening of regular service on the Bullis street car line, and drew like a porous plaster until the last trip at night. This morning the novelty was still existent and many citizens who own autos, and could go to their business for a penny's worth of gasoline, spent a nickel. Sunday the service began at noon and stopped at 10 o'clock, but today the morning service was inaugurated.

The people are growing used to the street car, with more speed than the horses, a couple jumping over the tracks this morning at the sight of the car.

Owing to the fact that autoists have shown an inclination to speed past the car when stopped, a couple of near accidents occurred when passengers alighted.

The curve in the track on the east end of the Bear Creek bridge will have to be repaired, the angle causing the wheels of the car to bob from the track and drop back. Some day they might not drop back.

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