March 21, 1914

Counsel in the person of Attorney W.J. Canton has been retained by the parents of the Wattenberg boys to prevent their being sent to the state industrial school or the Boys & Girls Aid society. The parents believe that their boys are being made "goats" for all the bad boy depredations of the city, and stoutly defend their flock. They maintain that older boys have unduly influenced them, and that they should be given another chance. Their present appearance is the sixth before the juvenile authorities for stealing, the sympathetic pleadings of Prosecutor Kelly to be good failing to take effect.


Undeterred by the fact that Medford merchants and business men have been victims quite often recently of forgers, Leroy Copeland, a Mexican bootblack employed at the Nash hotel barber shop, out on parole for the offense, passed a bad check for $10 on C.S. Reed Thursday. He was caught at Glendale Friday by Southern Pacific detectives and will be brought back for trial.

Copeland also tried to borrow money from J.E. Bell on a note he said would be indorsed by Judge F. M. Calkins on the circuit court, who paroled him for forgery some months ago. The loan was refused. A couple of more bad checks issued by Copeland are expected to show up.

Thursday of last week a man who posed as a United States marine on a furlough, and gave the name of Farley, hoodwinked Ashland merchants by phoney checks, and is now in the county jail awaiting trial.


Principal Beveridge of the Roosevelt school Saturday deposited $7.62 in the savings banks for the pupils of Roosevelt school. He takes deposits of 5 cents and up, and as soon as the pupil has a dollar to his or her credit an individual account at the savings bank is opened. By this means he hopes to encourage thrift among the scholars as well as teach them how to bank their savings.

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