Man recovers from crash, 50-hour wait for rescue

KLAMATH FALLS — A Klamath Falls man who crashed a plane into a tree in Mississippi and spent 50 hours pinned there could hear searchers on the ground and helicopters in the air, his son said.

“He told me he knew he had to hang in there,” Stephen Steinbock told the Klamath Falls Herald and News. “He’s pretty tough. I guess there wasn’t much he could have done — just keep holding on.”

Dennis Steinbock, 52, a high school history teacher, had flown to Alabama to pick up a single-engine private plane and fly it back to Oregon.

He ran into engine trouble Monday and crashed into a treetop about 15 miles south of Oxford, Miss.

His son said Steinbock told him that the plane flipped and fell down the trunk, pinning him.

The Civil Air Patrol began searching on Tuesday and said it followed an emergency signal to Steinbock on Wednesday, taking two hours to get him down.

“I think he knew what to do in that situation,” Stephen Steinbock said. “And it probably saved his life.”

Dennis Steinbock was reported in good condition Thursday in a Memphis hospital with seven broken ribs, a partially deflated lung and severe dehydration. Initially, searchers thought he broke his legs, but that wasn’t the case, his son said.

— The Associated Press

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