Make a magnetic chalkboard

Make a magnetic chalkboard

Magnetic spray paint inspired me to create an easy and useful fall project that can help organize a schedule, a grocery list ... or plan a meal. The attractive message board can be hung in your kitchen, dorm or meeting room.


An old picture frame

Masonite to fit frame

Chalkboard paint (comes in black or green), available in paint-on Rust-Oleum or spray-on Krylon

Krylon magnetic spray paint (silver)

Stencils (my design was Fall Leaves No. 3) or cut your own designs out of paper

Ribbon for hanging

Charm or other decorative element (optional)

Weldbond or other craft glue

Some small magnets and note paper



1. Cut Masonite to fit the picture frame. If the surface is smooth, lightly rough with sandpaper so paint will grab.

2. Cover board evenly with chalkboard paint. Let dry.

3. Next, prep the frame if needed. You might rub it with two colors of paint or sand it lightly to give it a rustic, antique look.

4. Next, mask off part of the board and spray the magnetic paint on the part you want to be magnetic. Follow the directions on the spray can for best results. It is fun to design what you might do here. The board can be divided any way you want — from a simple border to a checkerboard. Decide how much space you want for a magnetic surface and how much for a chalkboard. I used a piece of paper the size of my board and cut a long oval shape out of the center for my mask. This protects the chalkboard portion of the board from the magnetic spray paint.

To create a fall design with leaves and an area for my magnets, I used a stencil after using the mask.

Once you've covered the areas you want to protect, spray a first coat. Next, arrange and spray through any smaller stencils you are using, stenciling along the edge of the chalkboard area. A second layer of stencils on top of the first spraying will give another color variation. A torn or cut edge of paper also creates a nice design. You just spray along the edge of it. At the end, you may want to work with a brush and add some more of the black chalkboard paint into the design.

5. When surface is dry, put the board into the frame. Cut a 10-inch piece of ribbon. On the top edge of the frame, glue the ends of ribbon on the back of the frame 5 to 10 inches apart in the center. Cut a second piece 10 to 12 inches long. Fold it in half and glue the fold to the center of the frame on the back as shown.

6. Add a charm or other decorative element to the center of the top with glue. Ideas for elements might be charms, buttons, old jewelry or hardware, such as draw pulls, knobs, etc.

7. Last, add your magnets, keep your chalk handy and hang your new message board from the ribbon loop.

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