Mail Tribune 100: Sept. 29, 1913

Mail Tribune 100: Sept. 29, 1913

September 29, 1913

SALEM, Ore., Sept. 29. — Frank Seymour, alias Parker, and Mike Spanos, convicted of murder in the first degree in Jackson County, were received at the penitentiary today for the second time under sentence to be hanged. The date for the executions is Friday, October 31. The case was appealed to the supreme court and the verdict of the lower court was affirmed. The death sentence this time is final, unless the governor prevents.

SALEM, Ore., Sept. 29. —Corporation Commissioner Watson today refused the Oregon Telephone Herald company a permit to sell stock in this state on the grounds that this scheme of the company is visionary and unsafe for investors.

The purpose of the company is to furnish a telephonic news service during certain hours of the day and night into residences, offices, hotels, hotels or any place where a patron desired an instrument installed.

The company is capitalized at $300,000 and $147,000 in stock has been issued for the patents. It is now operating in Portland.

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