Mail Tribune 100: March 29, 1914

ASHLAND, March 29 — Constable Rankin Estes of Medford spent a few uncertain moments with William Hood, a renter who resides in the country south of Ashland, Saturday morning. Estes had a warrant issued out of Justice Taylor's court at Medford, charging Hood with the theft of some thirty-odd chickens on Thursday night from Ed Foss and Hodridge Bros. in the neighborhood of Talent and selling the same to Julius Wolf of the Depot Hotel. He passed through Ashland in his auto and arrived at the Hood place about 11 o'clock in the morning and after calling Hood out informed him of his mission. Hood acquiesced and went into the house to get some clothes and when he got the constable in the position in which he wanted him, gave Estes positive instructions to beat it, keeping his hand on his revolver in his hip pocket.

Estes had his revolver scaled up in his pocket, in no position for instant use, and proceeded to talk Hood into going with him peaceably as the charge against him was only petty larceny. Hood followed the constable a few steps toward the auto and when the constable looked around Hood had slunk away into the thick brush nearby.

Estes autoed to Ashland and returned to the Hood place with Deputy Sheriff D.D. Good, who found Mrs. Hood and four small children at home. They got her to promise to persuade Mr. Hood when he returns to report for trial, Mrs. Hood alleging that he is not guilty and claiming that they raised the chickens sold to the Depot hotel. Hood has lived in this section of the country for two years and came from the Willamette Valley.


The Truth Seekers' society observed the sixty-sixth anniversary of modern spiritualism in Ashland Sunday afternoon at the residence of Mrs. Young. W.H. Breese of Talent made the principal address and an interesting program was carried out. There were several present from various parts of the county.

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