Mail Tribune 100: March 28, 1914

The Kinder family of Griffin Creek, whose family troubles had more angles than an uprising in Chihuahua, have buried the hatchet and signed a peace pact that passeth the understanding of their attorneys. Mr. Kinder, who was barred from the home place by a court order pending the final decree in a divorce suit filed by Mrs. Kinder, has returned, signing over all property rights to his wife, and Owen, the son, who was alleged to be the cause of the dissension, is now plowing by the side of his father in the field.

The crest of the Kinder trouble was reached when one morning six weeks ago, during the progress of a family jangle, Mrs. Kinder jabbed Mr. Kinder in the neck with a pitchfork. According to various versions of the war given to Prosecutor Kelly, it was a dull day when a murder threat was not hurled in the family circle. But now all is peace and serene and calm.


The Korinck Veterinary Remedy company has secured E.B. Barthrop as general manager. He has occupied positions in the past that will make him especially valuable to the company, having at one time complete charge of the laboratories of Langley-Michael Co. of San Francisco, the largest drug house on the coast, leaving that firm to take charge as general manager of the Hollister Drug company, the largest wholesale drug house in the Hawaiian islands, at Honolulu. After spending five years there he received the appointment of internal revenue collector at Seattle. Since leaving the employ of the government he has spent his time looking after his property interests, which are large and varied.

Mr. Barthrop will not only give his time in the interests of the company but becomes financially interested as well, having purchased a very substantial block of stock.

It is evident that he thinks highly of the future of the company, as he is leaving exceptionally profitable business connections as well as a good chance to become a member of the legislature to cast his lot with the Korink Veterinary Remedy Company.

Mr. Barthrop is a man of pleasing personality and will be a welcome addition to Medford's population. He spent two days of the past week here and expressed himself as delighted with the valley and the up-to-date appearance of Medford, and will move here with his family on June 1.

It is understood he already has a deal on for a house on North Orange Street.

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