Mail Tribune 100: March 23, 1914

March 23, 1914

TILLAMOOK, Ore., Mar. 23 — Suit was filed today by the Whitney company, the Hammond Lumber company and the Wilson River Timber company, three of the largest taxpayers in this county, to enjoin the payment of warrants issued to pay for road machinery and equipment purchased by the county court. Beall & Co., the Good Roads Machinery Company, the Howard Cooper Company and the Fort Dodge Culvert company are made defendants. The latter three companies are said to be subsidiary to Beall & Co. The complaints in each case are similar.

In many cases no records of contracts for materials can be found. Members of the county court have admitted to representatives of the timbermen that the county clerk frequently did not know of their purchases until invoices were presented to him for goods shipped.

Often, it is said, prices were paid far in excess of the market price of materials purchased. Carload lots of culverts, it is said, were purchased without discount.

One case filed today involves a casting for a rock crusher. This was purchased from Beall & Co for 11-3/4 cents a pound. It is said that the casting can be duplicated locally at less than 50 per cent of that price.

Culvert was purchased December 22 at a price in excess of that paid on November 6 for the same grade of material. These are but a few examples of what has been done.

Beall & Co. is the firm that attempted to libel Judge Tou Velle. They are in bad in Klamath county also.

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