Mail Tribune 100: July 31, 1913

July 31, 1913

The open season for deer begins Friday, August 1, and many of the local sportsmen are already in the hills to be on the spot when the season opens, to close October 31. The law this year allows but three bucks to a hunter, and no does or deers without horns can be shot.


Homer Reynolds and Roscoe Rumsey, both under sentence to the state reform school, were taken into custody this morning on a charge of petty larceny.

And both admitted to having stolen paper bags from the Medford Candy Company and a number of gunnysacks from a rancher.

Yesterday afternoon the boys sold some of the sacks to the Russ Mill, which promptly informed the police. When they returned with a fresh consignment this morning they were taken into custody.

Both boys were out on patrols and will now be committed to the state institution to serve during their minority, unless their conduct warrants another parole.


A Youngstown, Ohio, paper contains the following about J.W. Keyes, formerly proprietor of the Valley Garage in Medford, who is a son-in-law of H.B. Patterson, the Quaker nurseryman:

"The Neighbors Motor Car Company of Cleveland has opened a branch in Youngstown in charge of J.W. Keyes.

"A salesroom has been leased in the Buckeye garage, 8209 S. Champion Street. Mr. Keyes, who is in charge of the branch, is not only a salesman, but an expert on Hupmobiles, coming here direct from the factory in Detroit. He is a western man, and sold Hupmobiles in Oregon before joining the factory force.

"According the the list compiled by the Vindicator, there are fifty-four Hupmobiles in Mahoning County. All these cars will be inspected free of charge by Mr. Keyes, as service is the object in opening the branch here.

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