Mail Tribune 100: January 27, 1914

January 27, 1914

H.A. Hinshaw, general freight agent of the Southern Pacific, was a visitor in Medford Monday and stated that there will be seven cars in the hog and dairy demonstration train to be sent out in February in conjunction with the state agricultural college. He stated:

"Using seven cars for the purpose of the greatest demonstration train ever sent out in the northwest will be in Medford on Thursday, February 12, with its exhibits of dairy, cattle and hogs, its model dairy plant, a splendid exhibit of feeds for producing best results, and of silos and silage. Lectures will be given aboard the train between the hours of 10:30 a.m. and 12:30 p.m., one car being devoted to the uses of those interested in dairying, and another to housing the hog growers.

"Among the noted animals from the pens of the farmer's college that will be seen here will be the champion Ayrshire heifer of the Pacific International Stock Show. Twenty hogs of all breeds are carried for demonstrating, marketing and breeding selections and their development at various stages of feeding.

"Lectures will be delivered by Dr. Withycombe, Professors Hetzel, Groves, Potter, Barr, W.K. Newell. A number of successful farmers are with the train and will talk from actual experience."


OREGON CITY, Ore., Jan. 27 — Alleging that the former contender for the lightweight boxing championship of the world had alienated the affections of his wife, Guy H. Pace, a barber, today brought suit against Bud Anderson for $5,000 in the circuit court here.

In August, 1913, Pace secured a divorce from his wife on the same allegations named in the alienation suit.

Pace alleges in the suit today that Anderson sought out and became acquainted with his wife in September 1911 and subsequently had secret meetings with her. It is further alleged that after he and his wife moved to Isleton, Calif., Anderson wrote letters to Mrs. Pace and called her on the long-distance telephone.

Automobile rides alleged to have been taken by Mrs. Pace and Anderson in Los Angeles and Oregon City are also recounted in the complaint.

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