Mail Tribune 100: January 25, 1914

Grant Coleman has opened a cigar factory on West Main Street and is putting the "Three B's" cigar on the market — said to be one of the best five-cent cigars offered the smoking public. The three Bs stand for a "Bigger, Better, Busier Medford" and a legend to that effect adorns the boxes. The cigars will be on sale at all local stands, and smokers are asked to encourage home industry by smoking them.


The A.B. Baseo Musical Comedy company opens a six nights engagement at the Page theater tonight at popular prices. The opening bill is said to be one of the best comedies in their repertoire. "A seaside Romance," in which Mr. Baseo is seen as an Irish valet, is a riot of fun, the musical numbers are many and all the latest song hits are introduced. Walter Farnsworth, the famous tenor singer, is a late addition to the company, and the press speaks of him as an equal of Richard Jose. Manager Gordon guarantees the Basco show to please, and during their stay in Medford the program will be changed nightly. Popular prices of 10, 20 and 30 cents prevail.


A daring burglar operating under the nose of the police entered the cigar store of Frank Ilson on Main Street after midnight Sunday night and secured between $75 and $80 in money, a half dozen merschaam pipes, cigars and cigarettes. Indications point to the crime being the work of someone well-acquainted with the habits of Mr. Wilson and where he hid his money.

Entrance was affected by lifting up the window next to the bootblack stand. A hidden sack containing $55 in dimes was found by the prowler. A sack containing seven pounds of nickels was also located. The weight is known because Mr. Wilson, out of curiosity, weighed them in the afternoon. About $10 in nickels and dimes were taken from the cash register.

The cigar store is within 30 feet of the Nash Hotel, and a stone's throw of the police station. An arrest or two is scheduled.

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