Mail Tribune 100: January 24, 1913

The mystery of the exploding well at Three Pines, near Grants Pass, is to be solved. An expert from the oil regions of Texas has visited the phenomenon and he says unequivocally that the well is over a body of petroleum and that escaping gases are responsible for the rumblings and mutterings and the more violent eruptions that daily churn the 6 feet of water into mud, and that the neighbors believe that Three Pines was located over that place we read about. A recent news account of the well's activities reads as follows:

A mystery has recently developed at the town of Three Pines. D.W. Davis dug a well on his property. It was 6 feet square in the clear and 41 feet deep. It was excavated through granite soil all the way and at the bottom a vein was stuck that gave 6 feet of water. For a while the well was on its good behavior but recently a series of commotions disturbed it — a passer-by hearing noises that sounded as though a great animal were floundering about. Later in the night other disturbances came from it, each one leaving the water murky and riled. One of the commotions was so severe that it shook the house 20 feet away and awakened the sleepers within.

The next night the phenomena was again repeated. The disturbance seemingly coming from the well and forcing the columns of water upward. It comes with much force but the volume of water is not greatly increased after each eruption.


A sudden rise in temperature and a downpour of rain as a result has caused a rise in the streams of this section and it appears today as if high waters will rage during the next few days unless the cold wave returns. Rain is predicted for tonight. Yesterday night .15 of an inch fell.

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