Mail Tribune 100: February 27, 1913

ROSEBURG, Ore., Feb. 27 — A jury today returned a verdict finding Mayor Joseph Micelli guilty of violating the local option law. It was alledged in the indictment that Micelli, as manager of the Roseburg Brewing and Ice company, sold beer to Robert Conner in August 1911, or two months before he was elected mayor.


Joe Boyd, a 17-year-old boy, was arrested yesterday evening by Constable Estes and charged with breaking into the Smoke House on West Main Street. He made a full confession claiming that an "irresistible impulse" led him to break into the establishment and steal.

Friends of the boy say he had been in trouble before and will make an attempt to have him turned over to Probation Officer Kelly, believing that this course will be better than sending him to the pen. Judge Tou Velle held juvenile court to consider the case.


An hourly service on the Rogue River Valley railroad has again been put into effect and according to Will Barnum it will be continued indefinitely regardless of competing automobile lines. This makes it possible to make a hurry-up visit at the courthouse. The hourly service will be an advantage to taxpayers who will be visiting the county seat in force next month.

"We find that the people demand an hourly service," states Mr. Barnum, "and so we have put one on which will remain indefinitely.


Have you got your spring cold yet? Everybody's coughing it!

An epidemic of plain, old-fashioned colds is raging in the city and sneezes, coughing and sniffling is the order of the day. Drugstores are doing a rushing business with cough drops.

The colds are due, the doctors say, to the change in weather. During the past month of sunshiny days the people were too quick in responding with spring apparel.

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