Mail Tribune 100: August 30, 1913

August 30, 1913

ASHLAND — About 200 pioneers and native sons and daughters attended the thirty-seventh reunion of the Southern Oregon Pioneer Society here Thursday. Routine business was transacted in the Chautauqua building and a banquet served in Grand Army of the Republic Hall. Prayer was offered by Rev. W.T. Vanscoy and there were vocal selections by Mrs. L.M. Leland of Portland.

The pioneer song written by the late Mrs. Jane McCully of Jacksonville, and first sung in 1879, was repeated at each annual gathering.

Introductory remarks by the president, Mrs. A.H. Russell, dwelt on business afairs, also matters descriptive and reminiscent. The formal address of the day was by Professor Irving E. Vining of Columbia University, whose father, George Vining was an early resident of this district and lost his life in the wreck of the steamer Pacific at the entrance of the Puget Sound in 1875. Mrs. Vining, widow of the pioneer, was present at today's exercises. Professor Vining paid a glowing tribute to the pioneer mothers. At the close of his address he was elected an honorary member.


Irving Oliver, aged 16, and Chas Ganoe, aged 15, were arrested Friday afternoon (Aug. 29, 1913) by Sheriff Singler for the theft of Dr. H.L. Anderson's Kritt car at Portland a week ago. Word was received from Canyonville that the young auto bandits passed through the city headed south and local garages were notified to be on the lookout. They were apprehended while repairing a tire. A Portland official will be here this afternoon to return with the young culprits.


The Talent Commercial Club has called a meeting of stockmen and others interested in dairying to be held at the Talent high school building on Tuesday evening, September 2, at 8 o'clock.

The meeting is called for the purpose of perfecting and organization that will ultimately result in the establishment of a co-operative creamery at Talent.

Every person keeping cattle, also others who are interested in the welfare of the community, are earnestly requested to be in attendance.

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