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Fire at 2:30 o'clock Tuesday morning caused by the igniting of a pot of grease left standing behind a stove in the A. Jorgenson bakery on South Central Avenue gutted the bakery and caused damage by water and smoke to Fouts Grocery Company stock, the Palace Rooming House and the Blaine Klum sign and paint shop, estimated at between $2,000 and $2,500. The insurance on the buildings damaged aggregates $12,500, held in a dozen companies. Dr. E.B. Pickel is the owner of the premises.

The damages are listed as follows:

Fouts Grocery Company, $500, by water soaking flour and sugar, and heat on canned goods; protected by $3,500 insurance.

Jorgenson Bakery, loss to equipment and stock by flames, $1,000, protected by $2,000 insurance.

Palace Rooming House, damage by water $100, covered by $1,500 insurance on furniture.

Blain Klum's shop damage, $50.

Insurance on the Klum shop and Jorgenson baker, Dr. E.B. Pickel and Blaine Klum, $5,000; loss, $750.

The flames had gained considerable headway when they were discovered by Sergeant Pat Mego and great clouds of black smoke and steam poured heavenward. Three or four men ran up and down Main Street crying "Fire," not knowing the location of the fire alarm plug. Sergeant Mego gave hurried orders to pull the alarm and ran to the fire hall, awakening the department who were on the road to the blaze before the alarm mechanism was solved.

The center of the fire was in the rear of the bakery. On the north is the two-story brick wall of the Lalley building and to the west lies the frame buildings of Front Street. The two-story wall penned the fire in on the one-story roof and kept the blaze from advancing toward Main Street. The Front Street buildings were in no great danger.

The fire burned fiercely and every now and then bolts of blue flames shot upward. After some delay the firemen turned two streams of hose into this cauldron and extinguished the blaze. The report of the fire department says 1,650 feet of hose was laid. A general alarm was turned in.

Confusion marked the early minutes of the fire for some reason the firemen being hampered by volunteers who nearly pulled the hose off the roof in their excitement. There was much loud yelling and swearing.

Scores of rats were burned and their death squeals could be heard. Dozens scampered away from the fire.

A hundred kimona clad and sleeping-cap garbed women and girls viewed the scene.

The blaze was the third spectacular fire in three weeks.

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