Lottery winners Oprah interview set for June 11

Local lottery winners, the West and Chaney families of Medford and Jacksonville, join a parade of big winners on The Oprah Winfrey Show, in an episode set to air June 11.

Oprah invited golfer Zach Johnson, who beat Tiger Woods at the Masters this spring; Michele Falco, who vied for the highest amount — $6 million — on Deal or No Deal; and the local family who scored a then-record $340 million Powerball jackpot in October 2005. They were all there to talk about their lives since their big wins.

The show was taped in late April in Chicago, said Frances Chaney. They initially thought the show would air Wednesday, but just learned it won’t be seen until June.

“It’s a very short segment,” she said of the local families’ time on-air with the show’s star.

Oprah had just played a round of Deal or No Deal with Howie Mandel to win a prize for an audience member and her mind was still on the game, Chaney said.

Oprah airs locally at 4 p.m. on ABC affiliate KDRV Channel 12.

— Anita Burke

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