Lost Creek Lake boaters will learn about invasive species

Oregon State Police and state fish biologists will be paying Lost Creek Lake boaters visits Saturday as part of an effort to reduce the possibility of non-native invasive species reaching the popular Rogue River Basin reservoir.

OSP Senior Trooper Jim Collom and Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife biologist Dan VanDyke will be chatting up boaters at the Lost Creek Marina and the Takelma Ramp.

They will be repeating the "No live fish in, no live fish out" mantra meant to help educate boaters that it's illegal to transport any live fish in Oregon — from bass to minnows.

Illegal transportation of live fish is a continuing problem in Southern Oregon, where intentional and accidental importation of live fish has altered or harmed lakes and their fisheries.

Also, the pair will talk with boaters about keeping their boats and trailers clean of "hitchhikers" — non-native plants such as hydrilla or animals such as zebra mussels that no one wants in Oregon.

"We're going to be talking to folks about the practices we all need to do to keep from spreading invasive species," VanDyke says.

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