Local woman tackles Medford's feral cat problem

One Medford woman is sinking her claws into the Rogue Valley's problem of feral cats.

Dorie Maier is hosting an informational meeting at 5:30 p.m. Friday, Jan. 27, in hopes of recruiting volunteers and networking with community members on ways to reduce the valley's burgeoning feral cat population.

Those interested in attending can call Maier at 541-772-3338, or email her at southernoregonfurry friendsandferals@hotmail.com to find out the meeting's location.

Shortly after moving from Coos Bay to Medford a year ago, Maier started working toward sterilizing a large feral cat colony in south Medford. She has trapped some 30 cats and made sure they were spayed or neutered before they were released back into the neighborhood.

Maier hopes to offer her assistance to residents in other parts of the valley via her organization, Southern Oregon Furry Friends and Ferals.

"I saw what was going on and I wanted to try and help," Maier said. "This is something that I know how to do and it's something that is needed in this area."

Maier said she will work with local agencies and businesses, and already has established a small network of those that deal with stray cats, including a local veterinary clinic.

Maier spent her recent years in Coos Bay learning about feral cat colonies and issues related to identifying and controlling stray feline populations.

She hopes for community support in getting her new group up and running.

"I'm just putting myself out there. I know for sure I'll have at least five or six people on Friday, but I'm hoping for more," she said.

"It's open to anyone who wants more information or wants to volunteer to learn how to trap, fundraise, just whatever it takes to get going."

More information can be found on Maier's facebook page at www.facebook.com/pages/SO-Furry-Friends-and-Ferals/156331317777838.

Buffy Pollock is a freelance writer living in Medford. E-mail her at buffyp76@yahoo.com.

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