David West, left, is co-producer and Robert James is the director and writer of a fan episode of “Supernatural,” but James’ ’67 Impala was the star of the filming event Monday in Gold Hill. Mail Tribune / Jamie Lusch - Jamie Lusch

Local fans film episode of 'Supernatural'

GOLD HILL — The black '67 Impala that roared up to the Dardanelle's Community Store on Monday may not have been the same car from the hit CW series, "Supernatural," but it still drew the attention of passers-by and store regulars.

Restored to look like the car, the local version of the car is owned by Medford filmmaker Robert James.

James and fellow producer David West, both of Medford, spent several hours Monday filming a scene for their own tribute, also called a fan episode, of "Supernatural."

Store owner Dawni Stockton gave the pair permission to film at her store.

In the episode, James said he and West, as "slightly shorter and less handsome" lookalikes for the show's main characters played by Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki, are tracking a supernatural creature dubbed "sandman," and attempt to pump their own gas at the little country store.

With most episodes for the real version of 'Supernatural' filmed in the Midwest, the duo wanted to highlight their home turf and its quirks, including its no-self-service rules at gas stations.

"In the show, they mostly travel through the Midwest. I purposely wrote the story in Oregon because I'm from here and there are lots of good stories here," James said.

James and West's episode titled, "Enter Sandman," with music from the same-name Metallica song playing throughout, is intended, James said, to give "Supernatural" fans a fix after the actual show, recently renewed for a ninth episode, wraps this spring for summer vacation.

West said the pair also filmed scenes for the episode at Howiee's on Front in downtown Medford and in the Griffin Creek area.

James said, to his knowledge, the Oregon rendition of "Supernatural" will be a first fan attempt to piggyback on the popular show.

"That we know of, no one has made a fan episode of 'Supernatural,' " he said.

"It's probably because there aren't a lot of '67 Impalas out there."

The car, he noted, was purchased after he fell in love with the on-screen version.

West said the episode, which they hope to follow with additional episodes, would be posted on fan websites for "Supernatural" in hopes of entertaining fans and attracting the attention of the show's stars.

"Our dream would be to work with the actual producers of the show," he said.

"And it's totally possible the stars would see it and re-tweet it and give us a little shout-out."

James and West expect their episode to be posted online this summer.

James' production company, Genesis Productions, is a featured Youtube channel at West's production info is online at

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