Light One Candle: Family's youngest member needs wheelchair ramp

Editor's note: Light One Candle is an annual series sponsored by the Mail Tribune that focuses on an individual, group or agency that could use a helping hand during the holiday season. Once that need is filled, donations may be distributed to others in need. The series concludes today. On Christmas Day we'll provide an update of the community's response to the series.

This family of six (see correction note below) could use the gift of mobility for their youngest member.

The baby of the family, a girl of 21/2, suffers from serious disabilities.

The family has faced significant medical bills and experienced financial hardships this year after the father moved out. Despite significant medical issues for the mother, she has returned to work, but her pay does not cover all of the family's costs. The youngest child uses a wheelchair, but the family hasn't had the money to build a ramp onto their house.

The youngest daughter is spunky and determined, and her family members treat her very much as a child who can succeed, giving her lots of opportunity to grow. In addition to learning how to use a wheelchair, she is attempting to stand up in her walker, and all are hopeful she'll be able to walk short distances.

Any help this family can receive toward building a ramp would be greatly appreciated. Also, some gift cards or age-appropriate toys for the other four siblings in this special family (two boys, ages 16 and 14, and two girls, ages 10 and 6) would be wonderful.

Reach reporter Sanne Specht at 776-4497 or e-mail

Correction: The correct contact person for this family is Bonnie at 541-494-7837. An incorrect sponsoring agency was identified in the original version.

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