Shanae Coker, right, of the Rogue Valley Soccer Club Lazers, collides with the United keeper and scores the first of her three goals against the Trinidad, Calif., team in the Rogue Valley Cup Sunday. - Denise Baratta

Lazers rebound on Day 2

The Rogue Valley Soccer Club Lazers reached the girls U19 division title game, placing second, at last year's Rogue Valley Cup soccer tournament.

The team, primarily college freshmen and graduates of North and South Medford, had to scrap to reach today's third-place final.

Considering the circumstances, that's quite an achievement.

The Lazers were unable to practice prior to their opener on Saturday, and the team is also playing without an experienced goalkeeper.

"Everyone's back from school for the weekend, so we thought, 'Why not have a soccer team again?'" said North Medford graduate Whitney Hodnett, who was one of a handful of players to cycle into the goalkeeper spot. "It's interesting without a goalie. I haven't played that since elementary school."

The Lazers bounced back from a 1-0-1 record on Day 1 of the tournament with an impressive Day 2 on Sunday.

They opened with a 6-1 victory over United of Trinidad, Calif., and posted a 4-1 win over ASC Revolution to reach today's consolation finals against GP United (Grants Pass) at 8 a.m. at U.S. Cellular Community Park.

The Lazers tied GP United 2-2 and lost to Missfit Red of Redding, Calif., 1-0 on Day 1. Missfit Red will meet Impulse of Carson City, Nev., for the U19 title today at 10 a.m.

The boys U19 Blue division title will pit a pair of local teams. RVSC Team Ramrod has gone 4-0 through the tournament and will face FC Southern Oregon today at 10 a.m. at North Medford's Hoffbuhr Field.

RVSC Team Ramrod, which took third last year, defeated FC Humboldt (McKinleyville, Calif.) 4-1, Rapids (Redding, Calif.) 1-0 on Saturday and downed the SBSC Predators (Reno, Nev.) 2-1 and Oregon Rush of Bend 1-0 on Sunday.

The team features primarily 2008 graduates of North and South and also has two players from Hidden Valley.

FC Southern Oregon, after posting a 2-0 record Saturday, went 1-1 on Sunday to reach the finals.

The group of high school seniors from the area defeated Malibu FC (Fresno, Calif.) 2-0 and tied the SBSC Predators 1-1.

Malibu FC and the SBSC Predators will meet for third today at 8 a.m.

To climb back into contention, the Lazers received three goals from former South Medford standout Shanae Coker in posting their first win of the tournament.

"We just showed up yesterday (Saturday)," said Coker, who plays at Westmont College in Santa Barbara, Calif. "Today, we were a little bit more fit after playing. We've been a little rusty."

Coker scored her first goal in the 26th minute to give the Lazers a 1-0 lead at halftime. The Lazers pushed the advantage to 5-0 behind goals from Lorine Cruz, Elizabeth Tucker, Coker and Miranda Cruz.

United got on the board late in the second half, but Coker added another goal just before the final whistle.

The 4-1 victory over ASC Revolution later in the day put the Lazers in a three-way tie for fourth with RVSC Siege Reloaded and Nevada Pride. The Lazers earned the berth in today's game by virtue of higher goal differentiation.

RVSC Siege Reloaded, primarily graduating seniors from North and South, needed a win against Nevada Pride in its final match on Sunday to reach the championship game.

With a points system that awards three points for a win and one for a tie, a win would have given the Siege Reloaded the second-most points with nine.

Instead, they tied Nevada Pride 1-1, pushing them into the three-way tie for fourth.

The Siege Reloaded broke a scoreless tie at the half against Nevada Pride behind a 25-yard shot from former South Medford star Anna Sours.

Teammate Jessica Reid assisted Sours on the goal. Reid took a free kick and, instead of launching the ball toward the goal, delivered a touch pass to Sours for the open shot.

But Nevada Pride received a goal from Kayla Gomer to tie the game with 15 minutes remaining.

Gomer engaged in a foot race with the Siege Reloaded goalkeeper on a through ball, and she managed to deflect the ball off the keeper and into net.

It turned out to be a costly a goal for the Siege Reloaded.

Sunday's Results


U10 — Tsunami 3 , RVSC Thunder 0; RVSC Brazil 6, Brooking United 1; Kryptonite 2, Tsunami Arsenal 2; ASC United 4, Brooking United 0; RVSC Thunder 4, Kryptonite 2; RVSC Brazil 6, ASC United 2.

Championship Game: RVSC Brazil vs. RVSC Thunder

U11 — RVSC Adrenaline 3, Lighting 2; Bomb Squad 1, Jaguars 0; Torrent 1, Strikers 1; Lightning 2, RVSC Arsenal 0; Torrent 4, Bomb Squad 3; RVSC Adrenaline 7, Jaguars 0; RVSC Arsenal 3, Strikers 3.

Championship Game: RVSC Adrenaline vs. Torrent

Consolation Game: Lightning vs. Strikers

U12 — Renegades 5, RVSC Spitfire 0; Flames 5, Nemesis 0; Coyotes 1, Nightmare 0; Kaos Vortex 4, RVSC Lightning 2; Flames 3, Coyotes 1; Renegades 2, Nightmare 0; Kaos Vortex 8, RVSC Spitfire 1; RVSC Lightning 10, Nemesis 0.

Championship Game: Flames vs. Kaos Vortex

Consolation Game: Renegades vs. RVSC Lightning

U13 — Barcelona 3, Cobalt 1; TNT 2, International Portugal 2; Patriots 2, White '96 1; RVSC Shockwave 1, Cobalt 0; TNT 4 , White '96 0; Barcelona 5, International Portugal 1; Patriots 2, RVSC Shockwave 1.

Championship Game: Barcelona vs. Patriots

Consolation Game: TNT vs. RVSC Shockwave

U14 — Los Pumas 6, SBSC United Black 1; Azzurri 5, Patriots 0' Wolves 1, Jaguars 1; Raptors 0, Strikers 0; RVSC Mutiny 2, SBSC United Black 0; Los Pumas 9, Patriots 0; Azzurri 4, Jaguars 1; Wolves 2, Strikers 0 Raptors 3, RVSC Mutiny 2

Championship Game: Los Pumas vs. Azzurri

Consolation Game: Wolves vs. Jaguars

U16 — Corning Leones 0, EMFC Dynamo 0; Arsenal 4, RVSC Revolution 0; Patriots 3, ASC United 1; Kaos Wolfpack 6, RVSC Xplosion 1; EMFC Dynamo 5, RVSC Revolution 2; Patriots 4, Arsenal 0; ASC United 3, Kaos Wolfpack 2; RVSC Xplosion 2, Corning Leones 2.

Championship Game: Kaos Wolfpack vs. EMFC Dynamo

Consolation Game: Corning Leones vs. Patriots

U19 BLUE — Malibu FC 1, RVSC Blackhawks Reunited 0; FC Humboldt 2, Rapids 2; Ajax 3, Oregon Rush 2; RVSC Team Ramrod 2, SBSC Predators 1; FC Southern Oregon 2, Malibu FC 0; Rapids 2, RVSC Blackhawks Reunited 2; Ajax 1, FC Humboldt 1; RVSC Team Ramrod 1, Oregon Rush 0; SBSC Predators 1, FC Southern Oregon 1.

Championship Game: RVSC Team Ramrod vs. FC Southern Oregon

Consolation Game: Malibu FC vs. SBSC Predators

U19 GREEN — Mad River United 1, Santa Rosa United Crew 0; RVSC Arsenal 2, FC United 1; Santa Rosa United Crew 4, Red 1; FC United 1, Mad River United 0; Red 0, RVSC Arsenal 2.

Championship Game: FC United , Mad River United


U10 — RVSC Future Stars Red 6, NUBA 0; NEFC 2, RVSC Future Stars Blue 0; Force 9, NUBA Thunder 1; RVSC Future Stars Red 3, NEFC 3; Force 6, RVSC Future Stars Blue 1.

Championship Game: RVSC Future Stars Red vs. NEFC

U11 — RVSC Black Thunder 2, Nevada Elite 1; Azzurri '98 0, Strikers 0; TNT Galaxy 2, Ruckus 0; RVSC Surge 1, Azzurri '98 0; RVSC Black Thunder 2, Ruckus 1; Strikers 2, Nevada Elite 0; RVSC Surge 2, TNT Galaxy 0.

Championship Game: RVSC Surge vs. Black Thunder

Consolation Game: Strikers vs. Azzurri

U12 — Storm 2, RVSC Venom 1; Eureka/FC Samoa 1, Edge 1; RVSC Blackhawks 4, Avalanche 0; Impulse 3, RVSC Swat 1; Nevada Elite 1, RVSC Venom 0; International Germany 3, Edge 3; RVSC Blackhawks 2, Storm 1; Eureka/FC Samoa 3, Impulse 0; Nevada Elite 4, Avalanche 1; International Germany 3, RVSC Swat 0.

Championship Game: RVSC Blackhawks vs. Eureka/FC Samoa

Consolation Game: Storm vs. Edge

U14 BLUE — Red Hots 7, Nevada Elite 0; Freedom 5, Myst 0; CV Zephyr 3, Fury 2; RVSC Storm 3, Incline Tahoe Ice 1; Red Hots 4, ASC Flame 0; Nevada Elite Blue 5, Myst 0; CV Zephyr 7, Nevada Elite White 1; RVSC Storm 2, Freedom 1; ASC Flame 2, Fury 1; Incline Tahoe Ice 2, Nevada Elite Blue 1.

Championship Game: Red Hots vs. Nevada Elite Blue

Consolation Game: CV Zephyr vs. RVSC Storm

U14 GREEN — RVSC Powerstrikers 5, Nevada Elite '96 1; Inferno 1, ASC Pursuit 0; Reno Rush 2, Breakers 1; SMSC Wildcats 3, RVSC Annihilators 0; RVSC Powerstrikers 5, ASC SnapCracklePop 1; ASC Pursuit 2, Nevada Elite '96 0; Inferno 1, Breakers 0; RVSC Annihilators 2, Reno Rush 1; ASC SnapCracklePop 2, SMSC Wildcats 1.

Championship Game: Powerstrikers vs. RVSC Annhilators

Consolation Game: Inferno vs. SMSC Wildcats

U16 BLUE — RVSC Force 3, Altitude 0; RVSC Thunder 1, Nitro 0; Intense 1, Nevada Elite 0; Nitro 2, Altitude 0; RVSC Force 3, Intense 0; RVSC Thunder 2, Nevada Elite 0.

Championship Game: RVSC Force vs. RVSC Thunder

Consolation Game: Nitro vs. Altitude

U16 GREEN — Synergy 1, RVSC Lady Chiefs 1; RVSC Marauders 6, Azzurri Cyclone 0; Azzuri Storm 3, Synergy 0; RVSC Lady Chiefs 2, RVSC Marauders 2; Azzurri Storm forfeit vs. Azzuri Cyclone.

Championship Game: Azzurri Storm vs. RVSC Marauders

U17 — Azzurri Sockers 0, GPFC 0; Sparks Titans 3, Alititude 0; RVSC Fusion 2, GPFC 0; Azzuri Sockers 1, Sparks Titans 0; RVSC Fusion 1, Altitude 1.

Championship Game: Fusion vs. Sparks Titans

U19 — GP United 3, United 0; Missfit Red 2, Humboldt Force 1; Impulse 3, RVSC Seige Reloaded 1; Nevada Pride 1, ASC Revolution 0; RVSC Lazers 6, United 1; GP United 2, Humboldt Force 1; Impulse 1, Missfit Red 1; RVSC Seige Reloaded 1, Nevada Pride 1; RVSC Lazers 4, ASC Revolution 1.

Championship Game: Missfit Red vs. Impulse

Consolation Game: GP Unite vs. RVSC Lazers

Goalie Wars



U10 — 1, Ruben Martinez; 2, Jonah Michaels.

U11 — 1, Josue Reyes; 2, Kevin Wither.

U12 — 1, Anthony Juarez; 2, Will Nance.

U13 — 1, Josh Sherwin; 2, Johnny Esquede.

U14 — 1, Israel Chiquichon; 2, Gregorio Alegria.

U16 — 1, Mitchell North; 2, Rafael Ruiz.

U19 — 1, Marco Cisneros; 2, Esteban Laureano.


U10 — 1, Gabriel McKeel; 2, Kaitlyn Webber.

U11 — 1, Kassayde Winner; 2, Hadley McGraw.

U12 — 1, McKenzie Kapp; 2, Sierra Christopher.

U14 BLUE — 1, Kenzie Tillit; 2, Megan Vina.

U14 GREEN — 1, Lindsey Nananny; 2, Hailey Folsom.

U16 — 1, Brittany Coulta; 2, Jocelyn Young.

U17 — 1, Kendra McMillen; 2, April Boyd.

U19 — 1, Kelsey McKinnis; 2, Liz Perry.

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