Lake's water back in the clear as of Monday

TRAIL — Blue-green algae's 4 1/2-month grip on Lost Creek Lake officially ends Monday when a public-health advisory against water contact is scheduled to expire.

Water samples taken Jan. 12 reveal little or no anabaena flos-aquae, a potentially toxic form of bacteria that can be harmful to people or pets if they ingest or inhale it.

After accounting for the state-recommended two-week waiting period for any lingering toxins to dissipate naturally, the no-contact signs here since mid-September are set to disappear Monday.

"Finally, we're just about done," says Ron Howard, the Corps' recreation manager at the reservoir along the upper Rogue River.

Anglers and area businesses joined Howard in collectively bidding adieu to the advisory, which has scared most anglers away from the lake since it went into effect Sept. 16.

— Mark Freeman

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