Klamath County Republican will challenge Walden

Dennis Linthicum, chairman of the Klamath County Board of Commissioners, announced this morning he will challenge incumbent Greg Walden in the 2014 Republican primary election for the 2nd Congressional District seat.

Linthicum, who told the Mail Tribune of his decision to throw his hat into the ring, is a businessman and software developer in Klamath Falls.

"We decided to go for it," he said.

Walden, from Hood River, has held the post for 14 years. He is chairman of the National Republican Central Committee and fifth-ranking member of the House GOP leadership team.

In the past, Walden has faced no opposition within his party and only token challengers from the Democratic Party in the general election.

The district includes all of Eastern Oregon, Jackson County and a portion of Josephine County.

— Paul Fattig

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