Klamath County man shoots bear after it attacks his dogs

A Klamath County resident killed a bear Tuesday on his property after the bear tried to attack his family's dogs and then turned toward the man's home. According to a release from the Oregon State Police, the OSP Fish and Wildlife Division investigated and concluded no crime was committed.

According to OSP Sgt. Randy Hand, the agency was contacted Tuesday morning by a man who reported he had shot and killed a large bear near his house after it chased his dogs. The man said the bear turned aggressively toward him after he opened his back door to check on the commotion.

According to the release, the man, who asked not to be identified, let his dogs out of the house on his Round Lake area property west of Klamath Falls. Moments later, the man told police, he heard his dogs barking and a roaring sound and when he looked outside he saw a large bear chasing his dogs.

The man said he retrieved a rifle and opened his back door where he saw the bear about 25 feet away immediately turn toward him in an aggressive manner. He said he feared for the safety of his family and dogs and so shot at the bear twice. The bear ran off and was found dead about 100 yards from his home.

According to Hand, neither the homeowner nor his dogs were hurt. OSP said its investigation found evidence matching the man's description of the encounter and killing.

The bear was first taken to Oregon Department of Fish & Wildlife biologists who took biological samples from the 350-pound bear. It was then taken to the Klamath Tribes for dispersal to tribal members.

Oregon law allows a property owner to kill a bear without a permit if it is causing property damage or threatening humans or other animals. (Clarification: Details about when a property owner can kill a bear without a permit have been updated in this story.)

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