Kids out for break; more police out, too

Kids around Southern Oregon get a break from school this week, but drivers will see no reprieve on the roads: Police say they'll be out in extra numbers starting today along Interstate 5.

An around-the-clock interagency effort will put more police officers from agencies throughout the southern part of the state along more than 120 miles of I-5, from the California border to the Roseburg area.

One focus of the patrols will be to enforce laws requiring motorists to move over for stopped police cars and others working along the highways.

Oregon State Police Senior Trooper Kirk Freeman said the main goal of the effort is to prevent traffic crashes and find drivers who are posing a danger to other motorists.

Oregon's "Move Over" law requires motorists to give a wide berth to police and emergency service vehicles, as well as those of highway workers and tow truck operators. Motorists are required to "maintain a safe distance" when driving up behind or next to those vehicles when their emergency lights are on.

The law requires motorists to change lanes when possible. When not required to change lanes, for instance on a two-lane road or if it is unsafe to do so, drivers must slow down to at least 5 mph below the posted speed limit.

Violation of the "Move Over" law is a class B traffic violation with a listed traffic citation bail amount of $287. Forty-seven states have similar laws. More than150 law enforcement officers have been killed since 1999 while stopped along roads.

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