Jury convicts Medford man in stabbing, kidnap case

Jury convicts Medford man in stabbing, kidnap case

Jackson County Circuit Court jurors found David Duwayne Williams guilty Wednesday of attempted murder and other crimes related to a brutal attack in Central Point that left his ex-girlfriend beaten and battered and two men with multiple stab wounds.

"I am pleased with the verdict," said Chief Deputy District Attorney Beth Heckert. "(He) needed to get convicted of all charges for the victims' sakes."

Williams, 37, was facing two counts each of attempted murder and second-degree assault, as well as charges of second-degree kidnapping, coercion and fourth-degree domestic assault. It took jurors only a couple hours to find Williams guilty of all charges except for one count of attempted murder, which was removed before they began deliberations.

Attempted murder, second-degree assault and second-degree kidnapping all are subject to mandatory sentencing guidelines under Oregon's Ballot Measure 11. Judge Tim Barnack set Williams' sentencing for 11 a.m., Nov. 5.

In the final hours of the two-day trial, Heckert called to the stand police detectives, criminologists and forensic scientists to discuss victims' statements and blood evidence matching the DNA of Williams' ex-girlfriend, Jennifer Smith, and the two male victims, Norman Tyler Boyd and John Davis Jr.

Williams did not testify on his own behalf. But his public defender, Michael Bertholf, persuaded Judge Tim Barnack that one of the attempted murder charges should be dropped before the case went to the jury.

Bertholf said the two stab wounds to Boyd's back did not fall into "the box of death" as described by doctors in Wednesday's testimony. Therefore, Bertholf argued, Williams should not be held accountable for attempting to kill Boyd.

Barnack agreed, but denied Bertholf's second motion to dismiss the other attempted murder charge against Davis Jr. Barnack also denied Bertholf's motion for a unanimous jury decision. Oregon law requires that at least 10 of 12 jurors agree for a guilty verdict.

The assault charges for the stabbings of Boyd and Smith garnered unanimous verdicts. Jurors voted 11-1 for conviction on all other charges.

Williams was stoic as the guilty verdicts were read. But he wept Tuesday afternoon as Smith described the violent mid-April breakup that left her beaten and unconscious and the two men suffering multiple stab wounds.

Smith testified she let Williams into the house in the 300 block of Orr Drive in rural Central Point where she'd been staying for about a week. It was around 8 p.m. on April 12, she said.

When Smith told Williams it was over, Williams went berserk, attacking Smith and the two men who were in the house at the time. Williams then kidnapped Smith and headed north on Interstate 5, said Heckert.

Boyd testified he heard the couple fighting in the kitchen while he was washing up in the bathroom. Minutes later Boyd heard Smith screaming and left the bathroom again. That's when he saw Smith "covered in blood," kneeling on the kitchen floor, he said.

Smith was screaming at him to get out of the house, saying "he's going to kill us all," Boyd said Wednesday.

Boyd said Williams stabbed him twice in the back of his upper torso. Boyd managed to escape to a neighbor's home and sought help.

Davis Jr. testified Tuesday he was asleep in his bedroom at the home when Williams stabbed him in the chest, then attacked him a second time as he stumbled to the bathroom. Davis Jr. fought Williams off and headed into a bathroom only to be attacked again, this time from behind, he said.

Smith testified Tuesday that Williams carried her, bloody, beaten and disoriented, to their pickup parked outside. Smith said she tried to escape from the moving vehicle several times as Williams drove north on Interstate 5 to Cottage Grove.

Smith said Williams called friends as he drove, stating he'd beaten her up and that he'd "stabbed two guys to death."

Detectives were able to track Williams' white pickup from the Gold Hill area to Table Rock Road. The Medford police SWAT team arrested Williams at his home there about 2:30 a.m. on April 13.

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