June 7, 1913

The manager of the "Mother Goose" girls who showed at the Page in one of the vaudeville acts Wednesday and Thursday is more of a goose than he looks, for he took about six dollars worth of portable electric fixtures at the Page and nearly got away with them. The loss was discovered just before train time this morning and a search of his trunks by the police at the depot unearthed the missing fixtures. No arrest was made, the theater managers being contented with the recovery of the goods.


A warrant was sworn out this morning against Charles K. Harland charging him with obtaining money under false pretenses. Harland, it is alleged, had been advertising furniture for sale and collecting the money, promising to deliver the furniture the same day. Mr. S.M. Herbert, who bought $35 worth of Harland's furniture, swore to the complaint and as soon as apprehended. Harland will be taken into custody and given a preliminary hearing.


In response to a generous invitation to women interested in the work of civic improvement, the parlors of Mrs. J.F. Reddy's home, 122 Oregon Terrace, were crowded yesterday afternoon with women eager to help in advertising the resources of the valley, and desirous of making Medford a beautiful city in which to live. Mrs. Reddy, whose mind works along broadly constructive lines, presented a plan: first for holding an amateur rose show; second, for appointing a committee to work in conjunction with the general committee in charge of the Fourth of July celebration; and third, by outlining a method whereby the general appearance of the town may be greatly improved by cleaning up parkings and planting shade trees.

It would be a very difficult matter at present for Medford to compete with the glories of the Portland Rose Show to be held next week, but with forethought in planting, careful selection of variety and intelligent cultivation, we may next year successfully compete with even Portland's first rose show, which was certainly a modest affair. At an amateur rose show to be held on the fourth at a time and place which will not interfere with the more general activities of the day, choice roses from home gardens will be on display.

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