June 28, 1913

Chief of Police Hittson yesterday arrested Chas V. Alvis, a youth who recently escaped from the state reform school, with Manuel Esparazo, who had been sent up from Roseburg. The latter was arrested at Rogue River by Deputy Sheriff Sundry on word from Hittson. He was with a supposed yeggman, known as George Rice, or "Big George." The arrest may lead to the apprehension of the thieves who stole 70 suits of clothes, 10 overcoats, 10 linen dusters and a quantity of other apparel from John Anderson's store at Hillsboro recently, for whom there is a $150 reward offered.

Rice is one of a gang of hoboes whom the boys took up with near Roseburg. He had on a new suit of clothes, new shoes and other apparel, which the boys say was obtained from a cache somewhere. All of the markings and tags had been cut off. Other members of the gang are scattered along the railroad line between Roseburg and Ashland. Superintendent Hale of the asylum, who came here to intercept the runaways, left with them today for Salem.


The committee having in charge the details of the big street pageant and parade on the night of the Fourth of July have completed the details of the big undertaking and make the announcement that the biggest thing ever seen in Southern Oregon of the kind will be produced. The response from the merchants, lodges, schools, ladies and others has been most encouraging, and the committee states there will appear not less than 25 handsome floats gorgeously electric lighted and emblematic of the interests represented, while practically all the lodges will be represented in various ways in competition for the many cash and special prizes offered. The ladies riding club and the Greater Medford Club are vying with each other in the excellence of their appearance and the committee states that these two organizations alone will occupy several blocks in the parade. The pride of Medford, the O.N.G. Boys, will be given the place of honor in the parade and the full company will appear in heavy marching order equipped for active war duty. This will be the first time the company has made its appearance in full war trappings, with knapsacks, tents canteens, rations and all other things that make up the outfit of the U.S. soldier.

The bugle corps will herald the way in the march of the soldier boys and after the parade the O.N.G. will form the guard along the street used for the Mardi Gras festivities.

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