June 27, 1913

Arsenical poisoning for grasshoppers has been resorted to on an extensive scale by the Rogue River Canal Company to save their orchards on the so-called desert from grasshoppers. As a result, millions of grasshoppers are dead and the ground is strewn with the dead and the dying hoppers.

Bee men have been busy moving hives from the vicinity for fear that the poison may kill the bees, though this is unlikely. Nevertheless, the apiarists do not intend to take a chance.

Chief Deputy Game Warden Sundry made an inspection of the district yesterday to find out whether song and game birds had been affected, but was unable to find a single dead bird.

The hatch of grasshoppers is the biggest in years. The wet weather prevents destruction by the usual means and it is either a question of poison or stripped orchards.

W.J. Boosey, recently adjudged insane and an inmate of the Oregon insane asylum, is probably fatally ill from diabetes, according to letters received by his daughters from the nurses. For some time Mr. Boosey has had a sore on his leg which has developed gangrene.

The Misses Boosey made application to to the county court today to be sent to visit their father and be with him and County Judge Tou Velle purchased tickets to Salem for them. They leave this evening.

Thewomen have carried out their father's opposition to the county's road-building operations, but today surrendered and requested the county to rebuild the fence according to agreements made last winter and which Mr. Boosey later rejudicated.

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