June 25, 1913

Apropos of the rose contest, the Hugh Dickson seems to be gaining in popular favor. It is a deep rich red rose, very well adapted to conditions in this locality.

It is sort of between seasons for this variety just now, so that the specimens seen at the Exhibit building are not up to the standard in size.

Forty varieties of roses are on exhibit and everyone is urged to look at the display and vote for his or her choice.


The gang of carpenters, plumbers, painters and linemen who have been employed on the enlarging and remodeling of the Postal telegraph office in the Nash Hotel building for the past few days have almost completed their labor and the office is now large enough to properly handle its rapidly increasing business.

The Postal began competition here with the older company for the telegraph business as early as 1892, when more than 1,500 persons comprised Medford's population.

The office is finished in beautiful Oregon pine from the floor to a point six feet up the walls, from whence handsome old gold wall paper extends to within twenty inches of the ceiling, where a border of white with a watered satin effect matches the ceiling, the whole combining to make the office one of comfort and pleasing to the eye.

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