June 24, 1913

Beef and the stuff that made Milwaukee famous have got a vegetarian diet skinned a mile if the result of yesterday's Fat-Lean game is to be accepted as criterion.

It was an ideal day for the Fat aggregation, cool and cloudy, with little zephyrs that sent tremors of the skinny anatomy of the Leans.

The opening feature of the game was a parade from the Natatorium to the ball grounds and which in miniature resembled the fantastic costuming of the Mardi Gras. At the head of the procession was a band, followed by the players, Fats first, Leans bringing up the rear. Mayor Eifert in a ping-pong suit, marches with his late opponent. C.E. Gates led the procession. The Gates costume resembling the advertising section of Motor Age and comprising everything from a Claxton horn and speedometer in front to the 1913 license and tail light properly located. Notable among the Fats was the heroic figure of J.A. Westerlund looming up like a mountain. They were an aggregation well-calculated to advertise the community.

And then came the Leans. P.J. O'Gara and S.P. Rosenbaum in the foreground. Mr. Minerval, get out your binoculars. Nothing but a kinetoscope or the big teelescope if the observatory could decry the evanescent line of calf. To the naked eye they seemed to float by on trunks suspended on unseen wires.

Arriving on the grounds, the first feature of the program was a 50-yard footrace between Rosenbaum and O'Gara, a feature well worth the admission and won by Rosenbaum in Shasta Limited style.

The ball was promptly put into play, with miles and Antle holding the indicators.

The final score was Fats 7, Leans, 3.


Mrs. Alzira Clay was yesterday ordered committed to the state insane asylum by County Judge TouVelle following a hearing as to her sanity and a diagnostic of her case by doctors Pickel and Thayer. Mrs. Clay has four times previously been committed to various asylums, beginning 20 years ago in Wisconsin.

Attorney Canton, who appeared on behalf of Mrs. Clay, filed notice of appeal to the circuit court on behalf of his client, but she was turned over to attendants from the state asylum tomorrow, who will take her to that institution on the afternoon train.

Mrs. Clay made things warm at the county jail all yesterday night, refusing to quiety down, and Sheriff Singler heaved a sigh relief when the attendants arrived.

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