June 22, 1913

Mrs. Alzira Clay, a well-known local character, is being tried for insanity before Judge TouVelle this afternoon on a complaint filed last April by District Attorney Kelly.

After the complaint was made, Mrs. Clay disappeared on her homestead in the Dead Indian country, where she has been making life miserable for Chas Blake and other neighbors by tearing down fences and making roads through grain fields. Mrs. Clay has several times before been committed to asylums and released as cured.

This morning, Mrs. Clay appeared on the streets bright and early with a dog harnessed with various weapons as utensils. She said the dog was going on a camping trip.

"The bugle," she said, "was for the animal to blow if it got lost, and summons Policeman Cingcade to the rescue, though I doubt if Cingcade has sense enough to know what it means." The jacknife was for the dog to whittle kindling for a fire if it got cold, and the airgun to shoot bears.

Mrs. Clay put in a busy morning grilling the authorities and haranguing the crowds. She is defended by Attorney Canton.


Having tried three times to marry 15-year-old Minerya Withrow, daughter of "Wild Bill" Withrow, love-sick Goblet L. Smith tried to commit suicide yesterday by drinking carbolic acid in a barn on West Jackson Street. He was rushed to the hospital where emetics were administered.

This afternoon it was announced that while still under the influence of ether, the chances favored his recovery. Young Miss Withrow accompanied her lover in the ambulance to the hospital bestowing fervid embrace and soul kisses en route. It was with difficulty she was separated at the hospital from her unconscious sweetheart.

Smith applied several times for a license to marry the girl last week, representing her as of age. Examination of school records, however, showed her to be under age, and the license was refused. Then he secured Mrs. Withrow's consent, only to have it revoked at a critical moment, in consequence of which he visited all the lawyers as an endeavor to bring suit for damages.

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