July 27, 1913

John Wagner, formerly an employee of the Smoke House, during the absence of his wife, stole their infant son and left on train No. 13 Sunday for California. Mrs. Wagner phoned to the sheriff at Red Bluff to arrest her husband for kidnapping, but he could not be found aboard the train.

The couple were married three years, but separated some time, since which Mrs. Wagner has supported the child. She is a waitress at the Hotel Nash grill and a daughter of Mrs. Anna Clark.


The traveling general welfare school of the Oregon Agricultural College will be in Medford Wednesday and Thursday, Aug. 13 and 14. Sessions will be held in the high school building morning, afternoon and evening of each day.

The school consists of lectures, discussions, demonstrations and exhibits dealing with domestic science and art, home decoration, food adulteration, sanitization, child welfare and kindred subjects. The complete program will be announced later. No admission fee will be charged to any of the meetings.

M.G. Evans of the extension division of the agricultural college was in town yesterday making arrangements. As a result of recent legislation, the agricultural college is now able to greatly widen the field of its extension work. This work was formerly confined for the most part to agriculture, carried on by the faculty and experiment station staff at such as they were able to be absent from Corvallis. They will continue to do this aided by several newly appointed specialists, and in addition useful information will be carried to the people of the larger cities by traveling schools, generally holding two-day sessions.

The college is being assisted in this work by a lecturer and an exhibit from the Oregon Social Hygienic Society.

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