July 23, 1913

A University of Southern Oregon to include courses in medicine, law, horticulture and liberal arts, in which Medford and Rogue River Valley men will serve as instructors and lecturers, is the proposal of Dr. R.W. Mac Cullough, pastor of the Baptist church, and his son, who have recently come here from Pennsylvania to make their home.

The proposal is to build up a creditable, modern university that will give practical results to home. Some financial aid can be obtained nationally for such an institution, but the plan would be to make it self-sustaining from the start. A small entrance fee would be charged, and instructors and lecturers paid on the fee basis, says Dr. Mac Cullough.

"The project is yet in its infancy, but we have received a great deal of encouragement from lending businesses and professional men. The plan is that followed by many successful institutions, and almost universally used in building up the law and medical departments of universities."

The Mac Culloughs, father and son, are busy interviewing citizens, and as a result there is every prospect that success will crown their efforts. It is proposed to use a portion of the Medford Business College rooms, which can be secured at a nominal rent and will not interfere with the business college work.


Nine youths accused of stealing chickens, shooting cats, breaking windows and other acts of vandalism were this morning sentenced to reform school by Juvenile Judge TouVelle, who then paroled the boys pending good behavior with instructions to their parents to put them to work.

The boys, who are old offenders, must report to Prosecuting Attorney Kelly weekly.

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