Judge's son arrested on drug, weapon charges

Ashland police arrested Andrew Robert Orf, the 20-year-old son of juvenile court Judge Rebecca Orf and local defense attorney David Orf, on drug and weapon charges early Sunday.

Orf, of the 100 block of Ridge Road, Ashland, was cited on charges of possession of marijuana within 1,000 feet of a school and carrying concealed brass knuckles.

An officer on patrol near the Ashland Gracepoint Nazarene Church at 1760 E. Main St. saw Orf's green Subaru Legacy waiting empty in the church parking lot at 2:16 a.m. Sunday.

A car filled with people pulled up and dropped off Orf, police said. In contacting Orf, the officer found marijuana and the brass knuckles, police said. The arresting officers noticed additional drugs in the car and impounded the car to the police station to wait for a search warrant.

They later discovered methamphetamine, cocaine, hashish, crushed Xanax and additional marijuana in Orf's car. The car also contained evidence of meth and marijuana manufacturing.

"It's actually pretty unusual that you find such a variety of drugs altogether," said Deputy Chief Rich Walsh.

Orf has not yet been charged based on evidence in the search, Walsh said, and he will likely face a grand jury.

Church officials said today they were not aware of the incident.

— Anita Burke

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