Judge refuses Rogue Valley Manor request to protect officials' jobs

A Jackson County Circuit Court judge has denied the Rogue Valley Manor board's request for a temporary restraining order, which the board said was necessary for its efforts to continue to seek separation from Pacific Retirement Services.

The Manor board sought the restraining order to forestall what it said would be the imminent removal of Manor board members by the PRS board and the firing of the Manor's executive director, Kevin McLoughlin.

Judge Philip Arnold ruled against the Manor board's request, saying the Manor's own bylaws establish PRS as having full authority to remove Manor board members and that the there was no basis for the court to step in to protect McLoughlin's job.

The Manor board had taken the action as a precursor to its efforts to be separated from PRS control. The Manor created PRS in 1991 to provide management services, but in doing so PRS in essence became the parent company of the Manor. Manor board members and residents say they are being charged exorbitant fees by PRS and would like to have more control over the facility's operations.

The Rogue Valley Manor provides "life care" retirement services that include housing, meals, activities and medical services. In addition to the Manor, PRS operates retirement facilities and other operations in numerous cities.

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