Jazz fest dropped Studio C to save

My wife and I have been enjoying the Medford Jazz Festival for many years, and we were very disappointed this year to find that one of our two favorite venues, Studio C, is no longer being used. Not only was there ample seating but, in our estimation, the food was better than at any of the other sites. Was this a cost-cutting move by the festival organizers? If so, we can suggest other venues that should be dropped instead of Studio C.

— George and Sharon, Medford

As a matter of fact, George and Sharon, stopping the use of Studio C was a cost-cutting decision by festival organizers.

The Studio C venue at KOBI-TV was used for many years by the annual October jazz festival, once called the Medford Jazz Jubilee.

According to Dennis Ramsden, vice president of Medford Jazz Festival, the festival was smaller overall this year and one less venue was needed.

"We cut back," said Ramsden. "It was an economic decision."

Ramsden guessed the festival had used Studio C for as many as 20 years, but said the other venues — Kids Unlimited, Red Lion, and Medford Elks — were enough to fill festival needs this year.

Ramsden declined to share specific monetary reasoning for the venue cut, and only said that it was a simple decision.

"The festival was not as big this year. We had one less venue, and that just happened to be the one," Ramsden said.

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