Jacksonville delays plans for public safety building

JACKSONVILLE — Planning for a long-debated new public safety building has been put on hold again by the City Council, which cited current economic conditions for the decision.

Council members and the mayor voted unanimously Tuesday to reject all proposals submitted by architectural firms to design a public safety building for both police and fire operations. The building would have been located behind the current City Hall at 110 E. Main Street.

"With the current economy being the way it is, there's a lot of uncertainty," Mayor Bruce Garrett said.

Council members voted unanimously in August 2008 to request proposals for design work for a building at the site after a number of residents questioned a 2007 decision to locate the services in an addition to the public works site on California Street.

An earthquake would threaten the current fire hall and current police offices have been deemed inadequate. Relocation of the services has been debated for more than a decade. Council members also voted to lay off a part-time city receptionist because of the economic slump, Garrett said.

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